About Me

Hello! I’m Sammy.

A 20-something living in London, after moving in pursuit of life experience, wild adventures and captivating stories.

As you might have gathered the current chapter in the works is the one about the time I needed brain surgery. And whilst it sounds terribly dramatic, and is very much a work-in-progress (practicing patience and finding my new “normal”) the surgery went better than I could have imagined and I’m now recovering.

I know that everyone has different experiences and that I had the “better one” of brain tumours as it was benign. But I do also know that living with a low-grade tumour and taking a “watchful wait” approach can be just as challenging. This is just my story and I hope that by speaking out it raises awareness of the cancer that is often forgotten about, and inspires others to share their journey too.

My tumour journey has taught me so much in the way of seeing, and seeking, the beauty in every situation, slowing down and enjoying lifes simple pleasures. And whilst it has been a mostly secret chapter of my life until this point, there was so much I wish I could have shared, like the amazing people I met and humbling things they did for me, and so I plan to do so now through the daily journals that I kept.

Whether you know me personally and just want to see how I’m doing or you’re currently on your own brain tumour journey and want reassurance that you’re absolutely not alone, thanks for stopping by and please say hello! X 


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